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Serie B ~ 1.5

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Serie B ~ 1.5

Post by Ej on Tue Jan 05, 2010 12:58 pm

Im Moving this here, i only got one pg view, ill assume that was you, nobody really cares, so ill just move this here

Off the Break and Down the Stretch we go!

And most teams play this weekend too, so this is going to be a 2 game – 5 day extravaganza

And im not writing up shit, nobody notices that NHL thread today and/or said a word to that?

Then for who or why would i care to drop the knowledge on no one?

Plays…….. And im not putting these in Magica.It, they are Played In My Star PCentre though, and ill just explain the play with the paste and the value to me

I really dont like to go nuts off breaks, in anything as in NHL or Whatever, especially holidays shit, ok shut up sorry, All this is Bwin action as well as PCentre action, and again, not touching Magica.It yet until i see 2 weeks of action, and also playing this stuff relatively small

Frosinone – Ascoli
3Way – result
Odd : 2.00
5 Units ~ 40 Bucks

This ill play a bit nicer

Padova – Albinoleffe
3Way – result
Odd : 2.10
5 Units ~ 70 Bucks

Ill play Grosseto to keep it within a goal or Draw with the +1

Reggina – Grosseto
Handicap 0:+1
Odd : 1.80
5 Units ~ 45 Bucks

I Really only think Ancona Will Win by 1, so i should take that Line as decent as it is on them at home 3 Way, But something hit me when i saw the payout and the hopeful 2 – 0 Win

Ancona – Triestina
Home Handicap -1
Odd : 3.30
5 Units ~ 30 Bucks

Um, I loved this enough to make sure i toss it in too

Crotone – Cittadella
Will both teams score in the match?
Odd : 2.05
Fuck me if it isnt 1 – 1 and paid!!
5 Units ~ 40 Bucks

And Basically even money for Vicenza to hang with Lecce? Why do i feel this happening?

Lecce – Vicenza
Handicap 0:+1
Odd : 1.90
5 Units ~ 33 Bucks

and Finally, How about twice each, fuck will they both score multiple goals would be a decent option @ Piacenza, i dont see 1 – 0 here, sorry!

Piacenza – Gallipoli
Will both teams score in the match?
Odd : 2.10
5 Units – Bucks

Why am i not using Magica.IT as i do for all Italian Stuff since i opened it?

Again, im playing it small and i dont mind if TheStar has credit for the plays, its all me so whatever, what Acct i use isnt anyones issue right? Fuck mang, 2 people may read this, and I Doubt either of the two will care about touching this and ill use Magica when i feel i have a better Grip on things after seeing the weekend go by with 2 games to see, and how they all came out of the break, so i just dont want Magica’s Numbers to include anything less than My True Solids! Not to say ,,, uhhhh ok doing it again, so you just go ahead about your day ! LoL

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