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B2W Wrap up

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B2W Wrap up

Post by Ej on Thu Jan 21, 2010 2:44 pm

Welp, ive lost interest/hopes in B2W now, im going to have to tell them that i am relinquishing my part in the site, failure isnt even the right word, im just pissed that they spent over 10,000 Cash Money to get all that we have, and now i have to tell them that I AM NOT DOING ANY GOOD and that I CANT HELP THEM GROW!

No one cares, no one is interested and it doesnt matter ONE BIT to the world if the site exists or who is a member, so im going to tell them some time before the end of the month that i am not capable of growing the site for them and i suppose ill be done with it, i see no other option, brew and I discussed it at length and he isnt posting, i am not posting, and obviously no one else is either, so be aware that the site may not be there at some point, unless he thinks they can find someone else to build it, i doubt theyll just throw away that much of an investment, but I have no more sources, no where else to post or advertise, and like i said, IT DOESNT MATTER!

SO just so you know, ill be giving up on it and the site may be moved or shut down or re fabricated in another sites scheme, i dont know, but im sure going to DREAD the conversation telling them that I have NOTHING to offer, and that none of my people or friends or online sites have shown ANY interest, and that i have succumbed to failure!!

See ya later!

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