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The Lingo

Post by Ej on Sun Apr 12, 2009 1:56 am

Sports Betting 101

ACTION - To have a wager on a game.
BACK DOOR COVER - A late score that enables the underdog to cover the point spread.
BAD BEAT - A situation where it looks like a sure win only to have tough luck and be a loser.
BANKROLL - The amount of money you have to wager.
BOBBY - A degenerate sports bettor on tilt. (Donít be a Bobby!)
CHALK - The favorite in a match-up.
COVER - Beating the spread.
DEGENERATE - Compulsive sports bettor.
DIME - $1,000 bet.
DOG (UNDERDOG) - The team that is getting points or a better than +100 money line price. EDGE - Team with an advantage.
EVEN MONEY - No odds or vig.
FAVORITE - The team that is considered the most likely to win.
FLEA - An annoying $2 bettor who expects to be rewarded for his action.
FORUM (The LOCKER ROOM) - An internet site where sports bettors discuss picks/strategy/information on upcoming games.
HANDICAPPER - A sports bettor who analyzes match ups to determine who to wager on.
HEDGING - The placing of a bet on the other side in order to cut losses or guarantee profit on a wager.
HOOK - 1/2 point
JUICE - The amount of commission for placing a wager.
LAYING POINTS - Wagering on the favorite and having to give points.
LIMIT - Maximum amount of money accepted for one wager.
LINE - Odds or spread on a game.
LINEMAKER - The person or group that establishes the line, spread, or odds.
LOCK - A perceived guaranteed winner. Note, there is no such thing.
LONGSHOT - Big underdog.
MUSH - A bettor who is a sure loser. Everything he touches turns to "mush".
NEUTRAL SITE - Game played where neither team has a home field advantage.
NICKEL - $500.
ODDSMAKER - The person or group that establishes the line, spread, or odds.
OTB or OFF THE BOARD - A game the book is not currently accepting action on. OTB is usually due to the uncertainty of the status of a player or inclement weather.
OVERTIME - When a game is tied at the end of regulation and they play extra time to determine a winner.
PICKEM - Wager in which the point spread is zero.
PRICE - Odds or spread.
PUSH - Tie on wager, the wager is returned to the bettor.
SCRATCH - Withdraw; cancel.
SIDE - Picking a team to win or cover a point spread (non total wager).
TILT - Betting more than you normally would because you are down and trying to get your money back. (Being on tilt)
VALUE - A situation where the price on a team is better than their perceived disadvantage.
VIGORISH (Vig or Juice) - Amount of commission kept by the bookmaker.

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